2021 Virtual Dream Gala

Dream On 3

Well, unfortunately, it looks like we might not all be getting back to the indoor conferences, trade shows, or even large scale employee events, as quickly as we had hoped. Whether driven by personal or business decision, venue or municipality limitation - or any other factors - the reality remains that most of us are not likely to be gathering like it's 2019, again, for a while longer.

That's the bad news.

The good news...we've got it covered.

While the pandemic has made so many things more difficult, they've given Wheelhouse Media the opportunity to make "virtual" a viable event solution for a diverse group of companies that include Clinique, Papa John's International, Viacom, Weber Shandwick, Press Ganey, American Tire Distributors and more. Some of these events have been entirely virtual, while others have taken a "hybrid" approach; engaging our team to produce a broadcast-quality live stream for an online audience while hosting a group of live attendees in limited capacity.

Among the latter, one of our favorites was this live production of the 2021 #VirtualDreamGala for Brandon Lindsey and our friends at Dream On 3.

This is just a sample of what goes on behind-the-scenes when we join your team.

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production


Pre-Production and Content Strategy

Commercial Production



  • Director
  • John Allred
  • Engineer
  • Chris Shearer
  • Technical Director
  • Chris Waltman
  • Director of Photography
  • Kevin Gjetley
  • BTS
  • Adam Colborne
  • Lighting
  • Wild West Lighting
  • AV Support
  • Events/com

Making Of

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