“Conquer the Day” Campaign


wheelhouse creates a national first for cbdmd

cbdMD - a top 5 CBD company based in Charlotte - approached Wheelhouse Media to create their first ever, national television commercial. After much discussion, ideation, and collaboration around creative direction, we built out the story of how cbdMD products help enable the “hero” – our busy woman with a career and a family -“Conquer the Day.”

Producing a great national television commercial, even under the best of circumstances, is rarely easy. There are location, client, crew, talent, schedule, technical - and a host of other - considerations that need to be effectively managed in order to successfully capture the creative idea that brought you together in the first place. Try all that during a pandemic.

We shot this 30 second spot from concept to finished edit with multi-tiered safety protocols in place, including temperature checks, masks, gloves, social distancing and rigorous disinfecting. Taking care of each other while taking care of business, all in a matter of weeks.

Pre-Production and Content Strategy


●    Storyboarding

●    Messaging

●    Scripting

●    Content strategy

●    Location scouting and procurement

●    Equipment procurement

●    Crewing

●    Casting (including auditions review and selection)

Commercial Production

●    One day of filming on location

       ○    Residential home

●    Director/Director of Photography/Producer

●    Approx. 25pp crew/clients

●    Camera department

       ○    Cam operator

       ○    1st and 2nd Assistant Camera

●    Camera package

       ○    C300 cinema camera

       ○    Canon CN-E lenses

       ○    MoviPro

●    Dana dolly

●    Lighting department

       ○    Gaff/Grip/Electric

●    Audio

       ○    Lav (wireless)

       ○    Boom

●    Hair/Makeup

●    Wardrobe

●    Props


●    Editor

●    Adobe Premiere Pro

       ○    Non-linear editing software

●    Sound mix

●    Color grade

●    Visual effects

●    Motion graphics

       ○    Adobe After Effects

●    Sound design

       ○    Izotope RX

●    Music research/acquisition/sync license


Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production


Pre-Production and Content Strategy

Commercial Production



  • Producer
  • Mike Bartelli
  • Director
  • Chris Waltman
  • Director of Photography
  • Kevin Gjetley
  • Performers
  • Karen Boles
  • Adam Brudnicki

  • Location Manager
  • Adam Colborne
  • Gaffer
  • Stephen Lang
  • Grip/Electric
  • Raymond Benthall
  • Sound Mixer
  • Josh Duncan

  • 1st Assistant Camera
  • Christian Shonts
  • 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Eugene Hopson
  • Makeup Artist
  • Renee Goodwin
  • Editor
  • Chris Waltman
  • Production Assistant
  • Courtney Colborne

Making Of

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