Rack Room Shoes, Fall Trends

Rack Room Shoes

We created a behind-the-scenes style video for Rack Room Shoes during their Fall Trends campaign photography shoot. The footage was shot during the photo shoot for the print campaign, and the video creates a story in motion for customers. Using music and on model product footage from the campaign, this video represents the artistic, fun, and creative process used for capturing the photos for the campaign.

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production

  • Content Strategy
  • Production
  • Post Production


  • Client
  • Rack Room Shoes
  • Content Studio
  • Wheelhouse
  • Director
  • Charlotte Cameron
  • Producer
  • Charlotte Cameron
  • Directory of Photography
  • Brooks Quinn
  • Gaffer
  • Frank Balthazar
  • Editor
  • Eric Schlenker

Making Of