“Feel Like Yourself Again” Campaign


WHEELHOUSE CONTINUES cbdmd's first national tv campaign

Following the success of our inaugural collaboration in 2020, cbdMD approached Wheelhouse Media to create a second national television commercial for them. This time, it was for their 2021 “Feel Like Yourself Again” campaign.


This 30 second commercial features inspired creative developed by cbdMD’s in-house marketing team as “a day in the life” of a woman working from home and raising her family during the pandemic. We combined a blend of stationary shots and quick cuts that were beautifully captured on a hand-held ARRI Alexa so the pace of the spot mirrors her day.


Shot with multi-tiered safety precautions (testing, PPE, crew protocols) in place, ”Feel Like Yourself Again” is a showcase of how our studio successfully adapted to these times to continue producing engaging, creative content.


Wheelhouse collaborated with their marketing team to create shooting boards and a filming strategy, providing our experience to guide the project in pre-production and ensure that no detail was overlooked.


Pre-Production and Content Strategy



●    Storyboarding

●    Messaging

●    Scripting

●    Content strategy

●    Location scouting and procurement

●    Equipment procurement

●    Crewing

●    Casting (including auditions review and selection)

Commercial Production

●    One day of filming on location

       ○    Residential home

●    Director/Director of Photography/Producer

●    Approx. 25pp crew/clients

●    Camera department

       ○    Cam operator

       ○    1st and 2nd Assistant Camera

●    Camera package

       ○    ARRI Alexa cinema

       ○    Steadicam

       ○    Cooke S4 cinema lenses

●    Lighting department

       ○    Gaff/Grip/Electric

●    Audio

      ○    Lav (wireless)

      ○    Boom

●    Hair/Makeup

●    Wardrobe

●    Props



●    Editor

●    Adobe Premiere Pro

       ○    Non-linear editing software

●    Sound mix

●    Color grade

●    Visual effects

●    Motion graphics

       ○    Adobe After Effects

●    Sound design

       ○    Izotope RX

●    Music research/acquisition/sync license


Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production



  • Producer
  • Mike Bartelli
  • Director/DP
  • Chris Waltman
  • Performers
  • Karen Boles
  • Ashton Johnson
  • Location Manager
  • Adam Colborne

  • Gaffer
  • TJ Morrison
  • Grip/Electric
  • Jack Barbour
  • Dalton Hathcock
  • Sound Mixer
  • Clyde Covington
  • Camera Operator
  • Brooks Quinn

  • 1st AC
  • Christian Shonts
  • 2nd AC
  • Tori Cordova
  • Makeup Artist
  • Renee Goodwin
  • Wardrobe/Props
  • Courtney Colborne

  • Editor
  • Chris Waltman
  • Production Assistants
  • Elliot Wilks
  • Trey Griggs

Making Of

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