Ingredientes Nuestros


Ingredients of Our Life


La comida, una fuerza unificadora en nuestras comunidades.

En este cortometraje, compartimos las historias de tres latinos de países diferentes que, viviendo en la misma ciudad estadounidense, se reúnen para compartir los sabores de sus patrias, elaborados con un ingrediente principal.


Food is a unifying force across our communities.

In this short film, we share the stories of three Latinos – each from a different country but now living in the same American city – who come together to share flavors of their homeland, all of which include one central ingredient.

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production



Written and Directed by
César Rodríguez

Executive Producer
Wheelhouse Media

Produced by
Frank Balthasar
Nicole E. Luciano

Alex Rivera

Associate Editors
Chris Waltman
Brooks Quinn

Motion Designer
Alyssa Gardner

Director of Photography
Brooks Quinn

1st Assistant Camera
Sam Kim

Lighting Director
Frank Balthasar

Taylor Parris

Original Music Composed by
Cristina "Trinity" Vélez-Justo

Key Production Assistants
Eugene Hopson
Stefanie Moll
Ernie Pierce

Hair and Makeup
Nicole E. Luciano
Patricia Martinez

Dalton Espaillat
Lisandro Herrera
Margarita Martinez
Miriam Espaillat
Ian Espaillat
Dalton Elias Espaillat
Julia Betaneur-Martinez
Gael Betancur-Martinez
Zhenia O. Martinez

Special Thanks
Bohio Tipico Restaurant
Punta Cana Restaurant
Sabor Latin Street Grill
Three Amigos Mexican Grill & Cantina
NODA Company Store
NODA Farmers Market
Box of Jason
Illumination Dynamics Charlotte

Making Of

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