Redwood Connect Demo

Redwood Logistics

Redwood needed a demo video to help explain and communicate the benefits and advantages of the Redwood Connect platform and asked if we could accomplish this in 7 days.


Wheelhouse’s creatives and motion graphics team quickly assembled and developed a plan to accomplish this in the time frame that was allotted. The solution relied heavily on animating the key benefits and advantage points that Redwood shared. Then, creating a story flow by means of motion graphics and voice over to connect with, and maintain the viewer’s attention through its entirety.


Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production


Pre-Production and Content Strategy

Commercial Production



  • Producer
  • Jade Thamasucharit
  • Post-Production Supervisor
  • Jack Miller
  • Motion Design & Animation
  • Jonathan Reynolds
  • Voice Over Director
  • Jack Miller

Making Of

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