Saint Motel Album Experience

Saint Motel

World's First VR/AR Music Album

Recognized by Billboard Magazine as the first ever virtual reality album - Saintmotelevision - Wheelhouse and ‪Saint Motel‬ have revolutionized the way music fans can enjoy their tunes. This first of its kind app allows fans to step inside the virtual reality interpretation of the Saintmotelevision album cover. Each of the ten songs on the album exist as their own virtual reality experience called a Virtualizer, a term trademarked by Saint Motel. While exploring the album's landscape, lead singer, AJ Jackson, offers insight on the evolution and surprises of Saintmotelevision. From there, fans can choose and step into each song's virtualizer and experience the music in a whole new medium. Each of the ten virtualizers consist of a combination of 360º graphics, animation, and live performances of Saint Motel, as well as a lyric treatment for those fans who want to sing along. Developed by Wheelhouse Media, the Saintmotelevision VR app captures the aesthetic and essence of the album artwork and music in a groundbreaking new fashion that will challenge the status quo for what fans can expect from their favorite musicians in the future. It also breaks through the current barriers of music interaction; moving from a simple tap and play on-screen interface to a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

To build on the success of the VR album, Wheelhouse and Saint Motel translated experience into a fully interactive augmented reality Saintmotelevision TV set. Now fans can drop a Saintmotelevision set in their own living room and change the channels to find their favorite song. Once selected, the TV morphs into a portal that fans can literally step inside to enjoy the VR music videos. It also includes a fully interactive tour date and ticket portal and a fan store where fans can interact with Saint Motel merch.



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National Silver Addy, Virtual Reality

Motionographer, Best VR/AR Experience of 2017 Nominee

Regional Gold Addy, Virtual Reality

Regional Gold Addy, Innovative use of Interactive Technology

Charlotte Gold Addy, Virtual Reality

Charlotte Gold Addy, Innovative use of Interactive Technology

Charlotte Addy Awards, Best of Show

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production

  • Content Strategy
  • Motion Design + Animation
  • Immersive Content
  • Production
  • Post Production


Saint Motel

Content Studio

Creative Director
Dave Mason

Executive Producers
Parker Williams
John Allred

Parker Williams

Managing Director
Hampton Howerton

Making Of

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