Shop Capella Branding Video

Trish & Ari (formerly Shop Capella)

We created an inside look at Shop Capella, the traveling and e-commerce boutique by Trish and Ari (now We worked with the client to bring the lifestyle brand to life in a video that could be shared on digital and social media to connect with new potential customers and build a deeper connection with existing customers. Using music, on model product footage, associated lifestyle footage and precise lighting, this video brings the artistic, fashion forward, and creative personality of the brand to life.

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production

  • Content Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Production
  • Post Production


  • Client
  • Shop Capella (now Trish & Ari)
  • Content Studio
  • Wheelhouse
  • Director
  • John Allred**
  • Art Director
  • Adrienne Johnson
  • Producer
  • Charlotte Cameron
  • Director of Photography
  • Chris Waltman
  • Camera Operators
  • Brooks Quinn
  • John Allred
  • Lighting Director
  • Frank Balthazar
  • Editor
  • Chris Waltman**

Making Of