Wheelhouse is an award-winning collective of producers, directors, creatives, writers, editors, marketers and technologists with a deep and diverse array of production, brand and agency experience. We’ve melded our talents, resulting in a unique and versatile practice; a content studio that brings stories to life from inception to completion.

What’s YOUR story?

Content Strategy

Knowing how to tell the story is just as important as the story itself. We’ll explore your world, help identify the best story, and effectively develop the narrative in the most visually meaningful and impactful way.

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Skilled, passionate directors, producers and creatives + innovative tech = an elevated filming experience.

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Motion Design & Animation

Imagination, art and craft designed to move. We conceptualize and create every element of the story then bring it all to life.

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In immersive viewing experiences, the physical and virtual space is a major part of the story. We understand how to put space to work to tell yours.

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Even the most compelling visual content needs the guiding hand of a fully engaged editor to become the story it was meant to be . Our post-team is involved from the beginning, gaining deep familiarity with everything from strategy to assets.

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Whether on your existing platform or the one we custom build for you, we’ll take your story and deliver a broadcast quality stream as tightly secured or widely distributed as you need it to be.

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Our world is full of inspiring people, amazing places and breathtaking moments. It’s our privilege to tell these stories.

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