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It started in 2012, when a couple of guys with cameras decided to stick it to the man and began bootstrapping their dream of owning a production company. Working out of their "home offices", few opportunities were too small...and if one was too big, they never quite admitted it.

One successful project lead to the next...complexities of ideas and content creation grew...new capabilities were developed and aligned with opportunities...and talent came calling - or was found - from all over the country.

Today, this exercise in rebellion is an award-winning studio with locations in Charlotte, Chicago and San Francisco focused on original and branded content and immersive experiences across all media platforms.

This is Wheelhouse.

Our Process


Through discovery, we gain an intimate understanding of needs and objectives, and establish the process through which we’ll deliver the optimal content solution.


Armed with the game plan, our team of visual storytellers imagine what the solution looks and feels like to the constituent audience.


Stories are told. Ideas are brought to life. New worlds are discovered.

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