Welcome to Wheelhouse

A Content Studio

Founded in 2012…today, a multi-award-winning collective of producers, directors, creatives, designers, writers, editors, marketers and technologists with a deep and diverse array of production, brand and agency experience, trusted by 100+ partners including some of the biggest brands in the world.  

Based in Charlotte, NC - with satellite operations in Chicago and LA, and a global network of production partners - we are a creative studio focused on original and branded content and products, across all media platforms.  

We live at the intersection of content strategy, ideation, and creation.  We collaborate with brands, people and technology to bring stories from inception to completion.

We are Wheelhouse.

Our Process


Through discovery, we gain an intimate understanding of needs and objectives, and establish the process through which we’ll deliver the optimal content solution.


Armed with the game plan, our team of visual storytellers imagine what the solution looks and feels like to the constituent audience.


Stories are told. Ideas are brought to life. New worlds are discovered.

Wheelhouse Life

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