Every Flip Matters

with DJ Tess

This timeless glimpse into the mind of a DJ explores and truly captures the essence of DJ Tess, a working Chicago artist who opens up about the responsibility of curating city soundscapes. The story begins at the record shop and then takes us on a ride with Tess as she ponders the experience and the process behind it. This beautifully composed short film connects us to a higher understanding of the role of a DJ and reflects the joy and elation that DJ Tess brings to her audiences.

Scope Of Work

An Original Wheelhouse Production


Content Strategy


Post Production


Executive Producers
John Allred

Jade Thamasucharit

Chris Waltman

Director of Photography
Jack Miller

Camera Operator
Brooks Quinn

Frank Balthazar

Best Boy Electric
Eugene Hopson

Christopher Shearer

Chris Waltman

Making Of

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